Caitlin (Cait) Larcombe

    Caitlin (Cait) Larcombe


    Caitlin has been a member of Voice FM since 2011. Starting as a member of the admin team, she unexpectedly found herself on air and caught the radio bug. She has been on air for more than eight years, and has presented the Thursday evening program Steam Train since and joined the Voice FM board in May 2017. Caitlin also sits on the programming committee for the station and manages the administrative needs of the Board.

    Caitlin has worked in the media for a number of years, holding various administration, sales, advertising and marketing roles. She has been community focused and volunteered since early childhood for a range of groups, most notably BLOC Music Theatre where she was a committee member and a backstage volunteer for over 10 years. 

    Caitlin also completed the Leadership Ballarat and Western Region (LBWR) program in 2015.

    On top of full time employment and her volunteer work, Caitlin is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Practice and hopes to go on to become an Audiologist once this study is complete, working in regional and rural areas. 

    In her spare time, she likes to travel around the regions, craft, read and hang out with her two cats, Gizmo and Gadget. She loves to cook and has a love-hate relationship with gardening.

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