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    Samantha McIntosh

    Samantha McIntosh

    Board Memeber

    In 2019 it was my great honour to accept an Emeritus Mayor award from Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV), recognising 3 consecutive elected Mayoral terms.

    I was first elected as a councillor in 2008, Deputy Mayor in 2012 and Mayor 2016, 2017 & again in 2018-19.  

    I was elected in 2018 as Chair of Regional Capitals Australia (RCA), a body representing the 51 Australian Regional Capitals & around 8 million people living in those surrounding regions. In 2020 I was elected to continue working with membership relationships.

    As a visionary leader, a mother of 4 & numerous community and worldwide projects and boards, I invest significant time remaining at the forefront of rural & regional issues. I have been a long standing advocate for Ballarat and our broader regions and I am passionate about protecting, enhancing and promoting built and cultural heritage.  

    I was honoured to deliver a world address as a key note speaker in 2013 highlighting Ballarat’s involvement in UNESCO’s Historic Urban landscape (HUL) guidelines to heritage management & the launch of the first print of HUL in Bad Ischl in 2015. I was also one of 7 Board members of the World League of Historic Cities (WLHC) and held that role for the four consecutive years. 

    As Chair of Ballarat Airport Advisory Committee since its inception in 2009, we’ve led significant developments and progress including Ballarat West Employment Zone. Over $200 million dollars of private and public investment & associated businesses growth is paving the way for significant future opportunity. More recently, we secured $5M toward the longer, stronger broader runway project and look forward to seeing further airport development as a result of this catalyst. 

    My key areas of interest include:
    Regional responsibility, consideration for health and connectivity, economic prosperity & also appropriate growth. I am passionate and committed to ensuring key infrastructure projects enhance our vibrant communities and support local organisations to build sustainable, connected and responsive regions.  

    Some of my successes include:
    successful collaborative works including negotiating and project start for Ballarat $147M Gov Hub (providing a potential 1000 jobs), lobbying for and unveiling Link Road, protecting refurbishing and opening of Civic Hall, securing funding for the Botanical Gardens Fernery ‘Gothic reconstruction’ & Gatekeepers cottage repositioning, Floral Clock restoration, securing funding partners and delivery of Light & Hope Lake fountain along with many others.

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