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The War Bride By Pamela Hart

the-war-bride-by-pamela-hartReviewed: 4th April 2016
Publisher: Hachette
R.R.P: $29-99
E-Book: $19-99
Review: Frank Nolan

“War Brides” is a term used in reference to military personnel who married “foreign women” in times of war. Pamela Hart’s war bride is Margaret Dalton who meets and marries an Australian soldier in London shortly after World War 1. The Australian government commissions a ship to bring war brides from England to Australia to re-join their husbands. Unfortunately, when the ship arrives in Sydney,Margaret’s husband is not waiting there for her. The devastated Margaret is befriended by a kind Australian army sergeant who helps her to settle in a strange new city. This is a pleasant story of a little -known chapter in our social history.

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