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The Art Of Reading By Damon Young

preview_previewReviewed: May 16th 2016
Publisher: M.U.P.
R.R.P: $27-99
E-Book: $12-99
Review: Frank Nolan

Damon Young points out that while courses, degrees, festivals, guide lines and rules constantly celebrate and attack Writing, there is very little talk about Reading. Hence, in his book The Art of Reading, Young celebrates the work of the Reader . He notes that “without the Reader, a book is just a lump of paper.”
Young is a philosopher and he takes a scholarly approach to his subject. He discusses Reading under the headings of “Curiosity”, “Patience”, “Courage”, “Pride”, “Temperance”, and “Justice”. As one of his Reviewers, Tara Moss, puts it, Young’s book is”an ode to the inner worlds opened up by the page.”

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