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Blue Dog By Louis de Bernieres

bluedogbylouisdebernieresPublisher: Knopf
R.R.P.: $34-95
Review: Frank Nolan

Louis de Bernieres is probably best known for his novel Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

which was made into a very successful film. De Bernieres wrote a book titled Red Dog in 2001 and he was inspired by the film version of his story written by Daniel Tapitz to write a prequel titled Blue Dog. This tells a delightful story of a young boy named Mick who is sent to live with his grandfather on a central Australian cattle station. After a devastating cyclone, Mick finds a a half-drowned puppy in the mud and what follows is a classic “boy and his dog” yarn.

The author states that he wrote the book for twelve year olds but that it will probable be read adults. It certainly will be!

The hard back edition of Red Dog is a beautifully presented little book.

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