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Author: Meredith Costain

R.R.P: 12.99

Review: Joan Stienman

The Ella Diaries series is always entertaining and fun to read and this latest one is no different. Ella’s family always go to Moonlight Gardens Caravan Park each Christmas. Ella’s mum went there when she was young too so the whole family is devastated when they find it has been closed. For Christmas this year there will be no hunting in rock pools, digging in the sand, splashing in the sea or fun at the carnival. Ella’s family will all be staying home for the holidays. Ella thinks this will be boring but then she comes up with a plan to make this Christmas really special for her mum. Hence Operation Merry Christmas. But in true Ella form, everything goes wrong. Ella spills all the decorations and there is a huge mess after she leaves her nail polish where Max can get it. But then Ella decides to make snow for Christmas and this really causes problems. Added to these catastrophes is the fact that Peach Parker is having a Christmas party and has invited everyone in the class except Ella and her best friend Zoe. But Ella usually looks on the bright side of things and problems sort themselves out. Like the Tom Gates series for boys, this is a really graphic, funny story for girls from about 7 years upwards. Each pages has line art cartoon drawings adding to the humour with a touch of red making them Christmassy.

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