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Author: Laurel Remington

R.R.P: 16.99

Review: Joan Stienman

This is another story aimed at young girls from 10 years of age that I really enjoyed. Scarlett’s mum has a blog on social media and Scarlett finds her whole life being shared with the public. From the knickers she wears to the things that worry her; everything ends up in this weekly blog. Scarlett stops talking to her mum so she won’t have any material for the blog but this doesn’t stop her mum who gets information from Scarlett’s school acquaintances. When Scarlett’s elderly neighbour, Mrs Simpson, goes into hospital Scarlett takes on feeding her cat. But while in the house she discovers a marvellous kitchen and tempting recipes with all the ingredients laid out so she begins secretly cooking. This develops into the Secret Cooking Club with others joining her each week in this fantastic kitchen. Scarlett worries that when Mrs Simpson comes home and finds out what she has been doing she could be in trouble. But it is actually Mrs Simpson who has a problem trying to stay out of a nursing home, so Scarlett and her friend Violet set out to help her stay in her own home. Gradually Scarlett rebuilds her relationship with her mother and as she becomes less the centre of attention in the blogs, things improve at school also. But she is still looking for the secret ingredient that Mrs Simpson wrote about in her hand written recipe book. This is a wonderful story about self-esteem being restored through friendship.

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