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Author: Tony Wilson

R.R.P: 14.99

Review: Joan Stienman

Troy, Adam, Joel and Scott Selwood star in this new series where Tony Wilson writes the stories these famous men tell him about their childhood growing up in Bendigo. Everyone with more than one boy in the family will know the mischief brothers can get up to; pranks, ribbing each other, rough play and competitiveness. But although they can be tough on each other, no one else better try to be the same as these boys protect each other. In this first book Joel is desperate to play football with his older brothers but he is too young yet, so he runs the boundary instead. He cops plenty of teasing about his curly hair and his status as a boundary umpire from Kransky, a bully on the opposition team. But when Joel finally gets his chance to play and doesn’t get a kick for a whole quarter will he be able to make amends and stand tall? Footy-mad young fans will love reading about this footy-mad family and all they get up to on and off the football field. The second in the series THE MIRACLE GOAL has been released simultaneously and it is now Joel’s first full season in his Bendigo Under 12s team, the Sharks. We all know what team selection is like at school where the least capable player is left to last to be chosen. How does Joel handle it when he is a Captain taking his turn to pick players and it is one of his friends who never touches the ball? Will he choose him and what will happen? This is a great little series for young readers, with well-spaced text interspersed with the occasional line art.

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