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National Women’s Health Survey: have your say

National not-for-profit organisation Jean Hailes for Women’s Health today launched one of Australia’s biggest surveys on women’s health.

Now in its third year, the survey is a chance for every woman to fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle on a wide range of health issues including body image, mental health, sex, relationships, weight and healthy living. Every survey response counts.
This is Australia’s only national survey focusing on women’s health behaviour and information needs. Thousands of women across Australia from different life stages, ages and background responded to the survey in previous years.
The thousands of responses will be collated anonymously and statistically analysed. Every response is essential to shine the light on health information needs. Material will be developed for health professionals, government and women in the form of free resources on a wide range of issues. The content will also form the backbone of Jean Hailes’ annual Women’s Health Week in September.

There are prizes too! Survey respondents can enter the draw to win two free 6-month memberships to Fernwood Fitness (so they can exercise with a friend!). A winner will be drawn from each state/territory for one of eight membership packages.
To participate in this survey, Please visit .
The Survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All responses are anonymous. Every survey participant also has the option to have the final survey results sent to them later in the year.

For more information on the survey visit .

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