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Eddie Frogbert

Author: Sue deGennaro

R.R.P: $24.99

Review: Joan Stienman


This hardcover picture story book is about a big leap for a little frog.

Author Sue deGennaro was herself an aerial performer for 10 years so understands the challenge of being off the ground. The challenge that Eddie was afraid of. He is afraid to dive off the high diving board so makes excuses not to do it, whenever the other frogs are practising. But then one day he decides he’d like to try. Like every challenge he starts small, taking small leaps and setting small steps to overcome. It doesn’t work at first, but he persists. This is a heart-warming book about courage, planning and belonging. It has quirky illustrations in a limited colour palate, with the vibrant green frogs standing out. Children as young as 4 will not only love the story but being able to relate to something they are also afraid of. What a great opportunity to talk to them about fear and overcoming it with a well thought out plan.


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