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The Seven Signs: Wipeout

Author: Michael Adams

R.R.P: $14.99

Review: Joan Stienman

Wipeout is book 3 in this series which will cover 7 instalments across seven continents. There are seven young heroes who are trying to decode The Seven Signs to stop a cyberattack that will unleash World War 3. The young heroes were selected after winning a DARE competition and they certainly didn’t know what they were lett8ing themselves in for. But with the stakes so high they feel they have to continue with the challenge.

They know they have to get one step ahead of the Signmaker but it isn’t easy as they are now on the run from the Police, Government agents and sinister thugs. They don’t know who they can trust

This is the first series for younger readers by author Michael Adams but it is great for readers from about 10 upwards who love adventure and mystery.

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