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Greg Champion: Droppin’ Off The Perch

It is said that there are only two themes for songwriters: love and death. Greg Champion leans toward death…

Fifteen years back Greg released an album which took the flippant label

Cheeerful Songs About Death. Now he’s at it again with the joyful, rollicking Droppin’ Off The Perch.

Champs says he was reflecting on the euphemisms for kicking the bucket: riding on ahead, taking the soul train, giving up the ghost, falling off the twig…and couldn’t resist the temptation to expand on the theme.

As this just-written just-recorded song has a Fifties Musical Showtune flavour, the forthcoming video will feature dozens of senior dances in glitzy costume kicking up their legs on a theatre stage in a rousing rendition of Droppin’ Off The Perch.

Greg Champion is known for singalongs: I made a 100 in the Backyard at Mum’s, May Your Fridge Be Full of Coldies, etc – and Droppin’ Off the Perch can now join them as another happy foot-tapper.

Titles on Cheerful Songs about Death included when I Kick the Bucket, Gonna Die Slow & Mournful when I Die, and This Body’s Gonna Wear Out.

You can see that Champs likes to share a chuckle about the notion of shuffling off, and Droppin’ Off The Perch should bring broad smiles across the airwaves.


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