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Author: Phil Cummings
R.R.P: $19.95
Illustrated by: Phil Lesnie
Review: Joan Steinman

This hard-cover book tells a story of what is happening in our world without dwelling on the negatives. As the sandpiper migrates for the winter it flies over a young boy who has lost his house to an earthquake, through war torn areas, over people fleeing their country, over floods and through storms. Each time a feather floats down from this sandpiper there is someone there to catch it and it brings a moment of happiness. As the bird finally reaches its destination and is safe and warm, we can relate to that and realise how lucky we are.

The bird’s journey is one of heartache and hope and the need to find a safe haven. There’s a wonderful connection between the bird’s flight and our current global tragedies told by this award-winning author.

The illustrations, in vibrant watercolour, tell the story so that children as young as four will understand.

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