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Horizon: Survival Is No Game

Author: Scott Westerfield
R.R.P: $9.95
Review: Joan Steinman

A plane crashes and only 8 young people survive. But the plane was travelling over snow when it crashes and now they are surrounded by jungle. The plants and animal life are unknown to them and they can’t work out where they are. Why did the plane tear apart the way it did and why did they survive when no adults did? There are many questions but most important at this stage is how they are going to survive and what dangers do they face?

As the story progresses we learn that the dangers they face are not just those of finding food and water. The unknown is threatening in itself and they no longer believe they will be rescued. They have to find out more about their surroundings and work out how they can escape this jungle. They also have to work out how they can work together despite their many differences. The book is described as “fast paced and eerie” and I would have to agree. HORIZON is a seven book series by seven different authors anchored by Westerfield.

Sometimes when you read a book you have an idea where it is going or how it will end. But this book gave no clues. I was enthralled until the very last page and then I was impatient to be able to read the next in the series. Readers from 10 years upwards are going to get hours of reading enjoyment from this series.

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