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Ida, Always.

Author:  Caron Lewis
R.R.P: $27.25
Illustrated by: Charles Santoso
Review: Joan Steinman


This picture story book was inspired by Ida and Gus; two bears in New York City’s Central Park Zoo. They were together for many years until Ida died in 2011.

In this story for children as young as 5, we see Ida and Gus swimming and playing together and enjoying each other’s company. One day when they were sunning on a rock listening to the sounds of the city around them Gus said he wished they could see the city. But Ida replied that you don’t have to see it to feel it and she was right.

Ida becomes sick and eventually dies, but Gus remembers her words and he knows he will always feel the presence of Ida.

This is an exquisite book that will bring tears to your eyes but it is a reminder that loved ones may go but they can always be in our hearts. The beautiful, full page illustrations add to this moving story.

What a wonderful book to read to any children who have lost someone, or something, that they love.

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