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Rodney Loses It

Author: Michael Gerard Bauer
R.R.P: $19.95
Illustrated by: Chrissie Krebs
Review: Joan Steinman



Rodney the rabbit loves drawing, especially with his special pen which is sharper, clearer and blacker then any of his other pens. But then he loses this special pen. At first Rodney searches methodically for his pen but when he can’t find it he loses it and throws a tantrum. When he finally calms down he finds his pen. Now he can continue drawing: but can he?

This is Bauer’s first picture story book after his successful books for teenagers including the Ishmael series which I truly enjoyed. In this hard cover book for children as young as 4, the text and action is crazy and chaotic and it rhymes, making it fun to read aloud as well as for the listener. The illustrations by new illustrator Chrissie Krebs are bright and full of energy and they make you laugh as well.

The surprise ending is a great lead in to further discussion with children.

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