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Rainbow Serpent Media Statement

The Rainbow team works incredibly hard to keep our patrons safe and to have a legitimate voice in the community around drug law reform and harm minimisation. To see this morning’s report that one of our contractors has been charged with serious drug offences has left us in shock and extremely disappointed. We unreservedly condemn these actions and appreciate the work of Victoria Police for ​preventing those drugs from arriving on site.

Rainbow Serpent is a community event and, as with any community in the country, we are governed by Australian law. The possession, use and sale of controlled substances is illegal and will not be tolerated. The state of Victoria has very strict drug laws and our patrons and contractors are expected to respect them. Rainbow Serpent strongly advises everyone not to bring any illegal substances to the festival site.

All we know at this stage is what we have read in the media so it’s not possible to comment any further at this time.

What we want to reiterate and make clear to the Pyrenees community and our patrons is that we are 110% dedicated to making Rainbow as safe as possible. We work closely with emergency services and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on medics, security and service providers to look after our attendees, which includes reducing harms associated with legal and illicit substances.

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