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Rainbow Serpent Media Statement

26 January 2018

A lightning strike caused a fire at the southern boundary of Rainbow Serpent Festival on Friday afternoon.

Festival staff witnessed the strike and immediately contacted the event’s emergency control centre who enacted their fire plan with firefighting units immediately deployed.

Rainbow Serpent organisers said they are incredibly proud of their staff, service providers and the local CFA who were able, with the help of rainfall, to bring the fire under control quickly.

Festival emergency services coordinator, Matt Wood, said event staff worked with emergency stakeholders to bring the situation under control.

“There was a fantastic collaboration between Victoria Police, CFA and the festival’s emergency response resources.

“The extensive plans and structures we had in place worked very well,” said Mr Wood.

Rainbow works incredibly hard with key stakeholders to provide management plans to address all type of possible emergencies.

There were no injuries from the event.

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