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Pre-Order “The 2019 PCOS Journal” From 13 February

A day planner designed specifically for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) will be available for pre-order through a Kickstarter campaign launching 13 February 2018.

PCOS effects at least 1 in 10 women worldwide.

Disappointingly there are very few support tools and resources to help women with PCOS manage their condition.

PCOS Pathways has created the 2019 PCOS Journal, the first ever day planner designed specifically for women with PCOS.

The journal is set to be released online in September 2018, PCOS Awareness Month.

The 2019 PCOS Journal can be pre-ordered through a Kickstarter campaign that will launch on the 13th of February 2018. The journal has been created by Melissa Christie, founder of PCOS Pathways and an Australian mum who has PCOS.

“After suffering a heart wrenching miscarriage, likely caused by my PCOS, I was disappointed by the lack of support tools and resources available for women with PCOS.”

“It is a very difficult condition to manage with a complex and contradicting range of symptoms and treatment options.”

“Women are often taking a large range of supplements and elixirs and making various diet, exercise and lifestyle changes all at once. I decided to create the journal because I myself need it to help me manage it all and I strongly believe I’m not the only one.”

Along with ample dated space to manage your day-to-day life, the journal is filled with information about treatment options, inspirational worksheets, health tips, recipes, yoga poses and charts to track weight, fertility, symptoms and treatments.

PCOS is a hormonal disorder with no definitive cause or cure. There are however many treatment options available, all with varying degrees of success.

PCOS Pathways is a blog dedicated to empowering women with PCOS with knowledge about the many PCOS treatment options available.

Want to get involved?

The 2019 PCOS Journal can only be created if the Kickstarter goal is reached. And that can only happen if women with PCOS find out about the campaign.

Be referenced as an official “Supporter” of The 2019 PCOS Journal by sharing information about the Kickstarter campaign with your networks – write an article, share the website on social media and email your mailing list about the Kickstarter Campaign.

There is a factsheet attached to give you all the essential information you need. A copy of The 2019 PCOS Journal can be provided to use as a giveaway in competitions – please email me at [email protected] to discuss.

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