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Emmy Winner Toni Child’s New Show Raises Awareness For Bee Collapse

American-born singer-songwriter Toni Childs celebrates the Bees and Pollinators in her new music-driven 3D Mapping animated show, It’s All a Beautiful Noise.

“I am deeply concerned that 41% of the honey bee population collapsed in the US last year, and 75% of insects have disappeared in Germany over the past 27 years, with new collections from midsummer showing an even bigger reduction –- 82 percent. This drop has affected Germany’s bird population – 15% of the birds are dying because their food supply is disappearing. This is an incredibly important issue for our world, with widespread repercussions, so I’ve created a very unique way to bring awareness to what is happening to our pollinators,” says Toni.

The plight of the Bees has motivated Toni’s “It’s All a Beautiful Noise” high tech interactive concert, and subsequent Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which aims to raise $350,00 for production costs across three continents. Through these projects Toni is seeking to make a BIG BEAUTIFUL NOISE and garner support for our Honey Bees and other pollinators around the planet.

It’s All a Beautiful Noise is unlike any other concert. It is two hours of Emmy Award Winner Toni Childs’ music and off-the-hook 3D mapping animations by Barcelona based Tigrelab. It is designed to keep audiences engaged for up to five months – Before, During and After the concert – using art, technology, play and ongoing education. Life size paper animal installations will be set up 3 months before the production hits town to create an aura of intrigue. Toni will control from stage specially designed, audience worn pollinator hats which light up on command, and she will engage the audience in other fun tech adventures during the show. Post show a URL on the underside of the hat will link the audience members to local and international NGOs, taking them on a treasure hunt that ends by inviting the audience members to send their hats to a physical location where they all become part of a large public installation. All this to create support for our little Bee friends, and other Pollinators who are facing collapse and to raise awareness of the effects our choices as consumers have on our environment.

“We are all pollinators, what we buy we grow! Our buying power is how we change the world!”

​- Toni Childs

Toni is presently crowdfunding 350K on Indiegogo for the production elements that make up her new show.

For further information surrounding It’s All a Beautiful Noise please check out the campaign here: ​

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