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Ella Diaries; Total TV Drama

Author: Meredith Costain
R.R.P: $16.50
Review: Joan Steinman

Girls from 7 years of age will be thrilled with the new Ella Diaries release by Meredith Costain. In TOTAL TV DRAMA Ella is about to appear on TV in a quiz show but will she be a star?

Ellas been chosen for the quiz team and is going on television game show QUIZ-ZAM! Shes going to be a star! But Ellas TV dreams soon turn into total drama when Zoe doesnt make the team and know-it-all Peach gets her spot instead!

Worst of all, the other team on the show is super smart … and super mean! Will Ella and Peach embarrass themselves on national television? Or can they work out a way to share the spotlight?

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