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Mighty Mitch; Howzat Heroes!

Author: Mitchell Starc
R.R.P: $10.90
Review: Joan Steinman

HOWZAT HEROES! by Mitchell Starc is the second in this Mighty Mitch series for cricket fans from 7 years of age.

Mitch Starc and his cricket team suddenly find themselves in the spotlight on the TV show Howzat Heroes! (And it’s not pretty!)

The Wander Hill Wombats finally managed to get runs on the board and win some matches. But they’ve just had the most disastrous training session. Ever! So what’s Mitch’s problem now?

No-one in the side can catch the ball. His bowling is getting worse no matter how much he practises. Someone in the team has poo shoes. Now the Wombats are famous (and Mitch is NOT happy about it!) Surely it can’t get any more embarrassing . . . Can it? Really?!

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