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Shallow In The Deep End

Author: Tiwi College Alalinguwi Jarrakarlinga & Jared Erzinger
R.R.P: $12.99
Review: Joan Steinman

This is a unique Australian story written and illustrated by senior students from Tiwi College as part of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

Like lots of young girls, Erica wants a dog and her parents say “No”. Her dad goes hunting and brings home a baby animal for her. He says it is a dog. Erica knows it is a water buffalo but decides to treat it like a dog. She names it Shallow. Then Erica minds Bruno, Izzy’s dog while Izzy is on holidays. This is a chance to show her parents she can be responsible with a dog. Bruno and Shallow become the best of friends but they cause lots of mayhem. Her parents, the old ladies playing cards and the football team are all annoyed at Erica and her animals. The time comes when Shallow has to be returned to the bush and Bruno goes back to Izzy’s. Has Erica proved to her parents that she could look after a dog?

This is a uniquely Australian story full of the warmth, humour and culture of the Tiwi Islands. Indigenous author, Jared Thomas, was the mentor for the 13 girls who worked on this project.

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