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Neil Steinman
Wake up every weekday at 7am with the Voice FM Breakfast Show – hosted by Neil Steinman

We know how important it is to start the day the right way – that’s why we play you great tunes to wake up to every morning!

The News Team prepares the morning news on the hour with half hour updates through the Breakfast program.

You can call us and give us your shout out to someone special – perhaps it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary or you just want to say hello!  Let us play the great tunes that are guaranteed to start your morning the right way.

Big Day Book opens at 8.20am
Smarty Pants Question around 8.40am
Time Tunnel reviewed around 8.50am


It’s good to wake up the Voice FM way!

Catch Neil Steinman Weekday Mornings 7am – 9am On 99.9 Voice FM

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